Ghost-Tactical, a Department of Defense military contractor that had locations in Hawaii, California and Louisiana, is in the process of consolidating its operations and moving to its new location at 1220 Satterwhite Road, Buda, in the Satterwhite Business Park. Director of Operations Thomas Danks said Ghost-Tactical, which also operates under the name Ghost-Brand, is in the production phase and should officially begin operations in Buda in September. Among many other initiatives, the company has created a proprietary bonding agent called Duritex, which Danks described as an anti-microbial application that helps keep fabrics sanitized even without being washed. Danks said the company has recently been testing Duritex for its effect on COVID-19, and initial tests have been effective. Asked why the company decided to move to Buda, Danks said: “Just as Buda sits on the fringe of the attention-grabbing Austin, it goes about its business quietly and correctly—something we as a company agree with wholeheartedly.” He added that there is potential for Ghost-Tactical to bring 100 new jobs to Buda as the company assimilates to its new location. 512-937-2817.