The Hays Central Appraisal District released its preliminary appraised property values April 13 and began mailing out appraisal notices to Hays County residences April 18. The overall market value within Hays County increased by 24%, or $13.54 billion, from 2022.

The preliminary data indicates a 16.11% increase in residential market value across Hays County, or an estimated $111,000 increase from 2022.

The county also saw a 31% increase in the value of commercial and industrial properties from last year; multifamily residential saw a 28% increase compared to 2022.

More than 5,200 new homes were added to Hays County's appraisal roll for 2023, according to the report, as well as 26 new commercial buildings. There was an overall $2.34 billion in taxable value additions throughout the county.

Residents have until May 18 to file an appeal of their appraised values.

Forms can be found here and can be submitted:
  • Via email to [email protected];
  • By mail to Hays CAD, 21101 N. I-35, Kyle; or
  • In person at 21102 N. I-35, Kyle.