Buda’s budget for fiscal year 2023-24 focuses on strategic goals, such as managing the city’s growth, funding public safety, and both short- and long-term projects.

The overview

The budget and its accompanying tax rate, at $0.3379 per $100 valuation, were adopted by City Council on Sept. 19. The city will earn nearly $30 million from taxes, including $914,000 more in property taxes compared to the previous fiscal year.

The tax rate is on the lower end of the spectrum in comparison to other cities in the Austin area.
The city’s projected expenditures outweigh the projected revenue by nearly $10 million; however, the budget started with a $52 million beginning balance from the previous year, meaning the upcoming fiscal year will end with $42 million leftover.

The revenue sources are as follows:
The city's expenditures are broken down as follows:
  • Salaries and benefits for city employees
  • Supplies and materials, such as office supplies, signs, tools
  • Repairs and maintenance for buildings, streets, vehicles
  • Designated services, such as communications, utilities, city events
  • Debt service
  • Capital outlay to upgrade or maintain city land or equipment
  • Transfers to other city fund accounts
The budget and property tax rate go into effect Oct. 1.