Kyle residents could have access to a variety of sport fields, courts and sprawling trails in the coming years as the Kyle Regional Sportsplex project moves forward nearly three years after its approval.

The details

In November 2020, Kyle residents voted approved a $47 million bond package, which included $7 million for the creation of the sports complex in the city's Brick & Mortar District, formerly known as Uptown. The Brick & Mortar District is set to bring mixed-use developments, parks and trails.

“First, we had to wait a year to get the county's participation, so that was a really wise pause so that we could get this thing fully funded, which happened,” Mayor Travis Mitchell said. “It's a multistep process, which is why it's taken so long. But now, every domino has fallen and the door is open for us to pursue this.”

The city closed on the 11 acres for the facility in early September, prompting the discussion for plans at the most recent City Council meeting.

“I think that now is a great time to get the ball rolling on designing the sportsplex,” Council Member Ashlee Bradshaw said at the Sep. 5 meeting. "I personally feel like it would be best to do it in the form of a task force where we have dedicated council members working with staff and getting things done efficiently."

Next steps

City Council will create its task force and issue a request for qualifications on the design of the sports complex at its next meeting Sept. 19.