Officials in Kyle have authorized a pair of multimillion-dollar contracts that will advance the completion of three major capital improvement projects in the city.

The total award for the projects amounts to $12.8 million, which City Council approved during its May 18 meeting.

The first project involves a $7.95 million award to Cadence McShane Construction Co. for the construction of Heroes Memorial Park, which will be a 5-acre patch of land located at the culmination of FM 1626, Kohlers Crossing, the Hays CISD Performing Arts Center and Cromwell Street.

City information stated the park is intended to be a public open space that forms a prominent gateway into the district.

The city’s contract with Cadence McShane states substantial completion of Heroes Memorial Park is to be achieved no later than 273 calendar days from the commencement of the work, which is a date yet to be determined.

Heroes Park will feature a walkway, pond, a memorial garden, an arrival portal, an activity lawn and educational components.

City Council also approved a $4.85 million award to Stoddard Construction Management Inc. for the construction of adjoining projects referred to collectively as the Uptown Central Park and Cultural Trails.

The trail component will link Heroes Memorial Park and Central Park together through a 1,200-foot pathway that will run along Main Retail Street and turn south down Cromwell Drive.

The Central Park will consist of a 1.6-acre park and streetscape, and city information states it will serve residents throughout the city and the region.

Like the Heroes Memorial Park, the completion of the Central Park project is to be achieved no later than 273 calendar days from the commencement of the work, which is a date also yet to be determined.

"It's been a long journey to get to this point [and] award these contracts, to get them designed," Mayor Travis Mitchell said. "[There is] certainly a lot of excitement to see these projects get underway."