Plans for the creation of the Buda Police Foundation were presented to Buda City Council members for consideration at a Sept. 1 board meeting and given unanimous approval.

According to Freddy Erdman, Buda Police Department’s crime prevention officer, the purpose of the nonprofit foundation is to strengthen partnerships between the community and the police department, educate the public about law-enforcement practices and organize fundraisers to benefit the police department.

Erdman said that he and the other founding members began developing plans in October 2019 in connection with the creation of the police academy.

“This has been something [the members] have worked on and developed, really, since October,” Erdman said. “As the development of the police academy went along, it was something that was working in the background.”

The foundation will consist of a board of directors and participating members of the public who will seek input from the police department and city of Buda regarding activities, according to foundation Chairman Bobby Lane.

City council members gave unanimous support for the foundation in its efforts to build its membership and seek nonprofit 501c3 status.

“Anything we can do that will improve communication between the police and citizens will be greatly appreciated,” Mayor George Haehn said.