The San Marcos Ethics Review Commission has scheduled a public hearing for April 8 to address an ethics complaint filed against City Council Member Joca Marquez over a November tweet.

The ethics commission made the decision at its second meeting on the matter Jan. 29 after nearly an hour and a half in executive session. After the first meeting Jan. 6, San Marcos City Council voted to hire the firm Davidson Troilo Ream & Garza PC as legal counsel.

Marquez posted the tweet that sparked the complaint Nov. 18, writing: “All the developers seeking to make big profits in SM from 'affordable housing' all have the same look: White, male, tall, wear blue blazers, money hungry, and emotionless...”

Hutchinson, a San Marcos resident, submitted the ethics complaint Dec. 11, arguing that the social media post violated the city’s ethics ordinance, Sec. 2.421a, which states: “[A]ll city officials and employees shall conduct themselves both inside and outside the city’s service so as to give no occasion for distrust of their integrity, impartiality or devotion.”