The Department of Organization, Workforce and Leadership Studies at Texas State University kicks off its 50th anniversary celebration Nov. 2.

In 1973, OWLS was founded as the Office of Occupational Education by Oscar Dorsey in the College of Applied Arts. Today, the department has 12 full-time faculty and 25 part-time faculty who serve more than 440 students across the state, according to TXST.

The department offers the following degrees:
  • Bachelor of Applied Arts and Sciences
  • Masters of Science in interdisciplinary studies
  • Master of Arts in interdisciplinary studies
  • Master of Education with a major in management of technical education
According to TXST, the department’s mission is to prepare students for workplace success through an accelerated degree-completion program that seeks a nontraditional approach to completing the degree.

The reception will take place in the LBJ Ballroom from 6-8 p.m. Nov. 2 and is open to the public. On Feb. 29, OWLS will host a second reception at Texas State’s Round Rock Campus and a formal scholarship fundraising gala April 18 to celebrate the anniversary.