Beginning with the fall 2021 semester, Hays High School will be represented by its new mascot, the Hawks. Students voted for the Hawks to replace its previous Rebels mascot earlier this year.

Students led the charge to retire the Rebels in the wake of the death of George Floyd due to the mascot's connection to the Confederacy. The Hays CISD board of trustees voted unanimously for the retirement in July.

Students and staff were the first to see the new branding, followed by parents.

A brand guide shows the Hawks mascot in a variety of different images with various logos, and a HCISD spokesperson said in an email the next step is to order athletic uniforms and signage.

In January, HCISD estimated the rebranding could cost up to $800,000. However, the district hoped the final bill would be less. Band and athletic uniforms account for the bulk of the expense.