Hays CISD On Jan. 25, Hays CISD expects to call for a May bond election to address growth and other district needs, according to district Director of Communications Tim Savoy.

He said the bond would be similar to last year’s $217.3 million bond election that was canceled due to the pandemic.

Savoy believed attendance could soar in the wake of the pandemic, adding to the need for additional facilities.

The district lost roughly 350 students for the 2020-21 school year, but HCISD believes they will return to the district in the future. He also said some pre-K and kindergarten students did not enroll this year because of the pandemic but would in the future.

The 2020 bond included six individual propositions that voters could select individually to approve or vote against.

Proposition A was the largest chunk of the bond at $137.48 million. It included the $47.66 million expansion of all six of the district’s middle schools; $35.86 million for a new elementary school; and smaller amounts for the renovation and expansion of Live Oak Academy, elementary school expansions and other growth items.

No tax rate increases were expected under the 2020 bond plan. Updates to the bond will be made available on the HCISD website.