The Hays CISD board of trustees voted to cancel its 2020 bond election due to uncertainties associated with the coronavirus pandemic.

The $217.3 million bond was previously scheduled for May 2 but was postponed to Nov. 3 for the same reason as its cancellation.

HCISD's board of trustees voted unanimously not to go forward with the election during their meeting Aug. 17, which was the deadline to cancel the bond.

Another bond election could be called next year, and board President Esperanza Orosco told the other trustees that administrators do not believe their needs will change substantially, and it will not be necessary to repeat the work done by the facilities and bond oversight committees last fall.

"If we're going to bring to the board a consideration for a May 2021 bond election, we would probably be looking at some point this fall ... to go through what the new numbers would be," said Tim Savoy, HCISD director of communications and the leader of the facilities and bond oversight committee. "The list of needs, we think, would stay the same. How much each item were to cost—would you trim or would you add—that would be stuff we'd be looking at in the fall."

The proposed bond included six individual propositions that voters could select individually to approve or vote against.

Proposition A was the largest chunk of the bond at $137.48 million. It included the $47.66 million expansion of all six of the district's middle schools; $35.86 million for a new elementary school; and smaller amounts for the renovation and expansion of Live Oak Academy, elementary school expansions and other growth items.