Meet Kash Greathouse, San Marcos CISD’s newest elementary principal


San Marcos CISD had already chosen Kash Greathouse to be the principal for the new Rodriguez Elementary School by the time it broke ground on the building in July.

Before becoming principal of the new school, Greathouse spent three years as a teacher at SMCISD’s Bowie Elementary School, and then three years as an assistant principal, first at Gonzales Junior High School in Gonzales ISD and then back in San Marcos at Owen Goodnight Middle School. Greathouse has a master’s in education from Texas State University and a bachelor’s degree in psychology from Texas Lutheran University.

Rodriguez Elementary will open in August 2019.

How are you preparing for your new role at Rodriguez Elementary?

As soon as I was hired as the principal I began preparing. I started by attending meetings with the district and building contractors of the new campus. I met with other elementary principals in the district to observe and discuss logistical operations, and I attended various professional development [events].

Was there a reason behind choosing to work at San Marcos CISD? What has the experience been like so far?

I chose to work for here because, although it was larger than the district I grew up in, it reminded me so much of it. The community, the people and the students makes everyone feel at home here. San Marcos is a highly populated city with a small town feel, and I’m very fortunate to work in a district growing as fast as we are.

What is distinctive about  SMCISD? What are some of its strengths or what are some things it can work on? 

We are a school district committed to having a growth mindset. San Marcos CISD is not a district that stifles personal growth; it is a district devoted to promoting lifelong learning for its students, parents and employees. An area of focus would be to ensure with fidelity [that]the district’s core commitments are ingrained in all campus decisions.

Is there anything specific you see yourself implementing or changing at Rodriguez Elementary?

I see myself as a change agent; one that helps to establish a culture at Rodriguez Elementary that takes risks and views challenges as opportunities to reach full potentials. And I’m always interested in the big picture of student success.

What are you most excited about?

I am most excited about seeing the students’ faces as they first enter Rodriguez Elementary and making sure that excitement stays for years to come.

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