Since its opening in 2018, the heart of Spoon + Fork Thai Kitchen has been good food, quality customer service and culture.

How it started

Spoon + Fork first opened in Belterra Village after owner Thana Trepetch’s family moved to Austin. Spoon + Fork’s Kyle location opened in September and is the latest addition to the family-owned restaurant line.

Trepetch was writing her dissertation and working part-time at a different Thai restaurant in McKinney when she took over as its owner. When her mother visited her from Thailand, their shared interest in opening their own restaurant grew.

In 2020, after relocating to Austin, Treptech and her mother reopened the McKinney Thai restaurant in a new location and under the newly established Spoon + Fork name.

On the menu

Spoon + Fork’s menu includes traditional Thai restaurant dishes like pad thai and curry and also incorporates cuisine from other cultures.

Trepetch has Thai and Chinese heritage, and she and her husband love to try new cuisines when they travel. Growing up in Bangkok, Trepetch said, she has always loved food.

“When you meet people you say, ‘How are you doing?’ Or some cultures might ask, ‘Where have you been? Where did you go?’” Trepetch said. “Most Thai people are going to ask you, ‘Have you eaten yet?’”

Spoon + Fork chefs use a culmination of family recipes, professional training and travel experience when cooking.

Trepetch said she continues experimenting with recipes at home to bring to Spoon + Fork.

“There is no right and wrong in cooking,” she said. “Sometimes I'm like, ‘Okay, let's try this’ and we find a new dish that we like, like the Panang Salmon Avocado. It’s not literally Thai food, but ... it worked out really well.”

What else?

Trepetch wants to offer a memorable experience at Spoon + Fork, and she hopes the food encourages its community of customers to learn about its origins and culture.

“I think the food is kind of like a passport or ambassador to introduce people,” Trepetch said. “To come in and learn about the culture ... and then [it will] just kind of benefit the whole community in a way.”