What started as a small business venture at family and catering events has sprawled into a family-owned and -operated business, Sylvia Pizza, slated to open this August at 316 N. Edward Gary St., Unit D, San Marcos.

"It started in 2019. Me and my fiance, [Maritere], went to Whole Foods and bought dough one day, and we liked it," co-founder Greg Zepata said. "Pizza's pretty amazing because there's a lot to it. People think it's just dough, cheese and sauce, but the dough itself has a life."

Zepata and Maritere have since attended seminars and classes, and have invested in getting this business off the ground alongside Zepata's brother and sous-chef Adrian Zepata.

In 2022, the trio came to realize they needed to go all in on the idea and have been outfitting the location since January. The restaurant space has indoor seating with an upstairs and main floor space as well as outdoor seating.

The menu will feature pizza, salads and Roma-style sandwiches on focaccia bread.

"Our dough, it takes two to three days to make; our sauce is organic," Greg said. "We fell in love with Italian culture where everything comes from organic, simple ingredients."

562-208-0674. Instagram: sylvia__pizza