The vision Jean Paul had for his restaurant, Patio Dolcetto, was a place with an atmosphere where the community could enjoy a bite and a drink away from the college bar scene.

“We wanted to be a place where people want to come to have conversations and not have distractions,” Paul said. “I outgrew the college bar scene here, and I felt there was a need for a more adult establishment—something I would go to now that I’m over 30 years old.”
The year-long project of building the restaurant came together in October of 2015.

The wine lounge incorporates local art as part of its decor, giving an opportunity for artists to showcase their work. It also hosts events to celebrate local talent by inviting artists to set up their work and sell it. In the past, Paul said they have had a local jewelry fair and a drink-and-draw event.

Other than offering a space for local talent to display art, Patio Dolcetto serves about 90 wines; 15 ciders; and flights of cider and beer in addition to food, such as naan-bread pizza; cheese boards; spinach and artichoke dip; baked brie; charcuterie boards and macarons.

The establishment was originally a house built in the early 1900s; it was then renovated to become Patio Dolcetto, according to Paul, who said the wine lounge also celebrates local resources through their bar tops, as these were made with a pecan tree that grew close the San Marcos River.

Paul, who is from Arlington, came to San Marcos as a student attending Texas State University. He said he “loves everything local.”

Patio Dolcetto also has live music with local artists playing on the weekend, depending on the weather, Paul said.

“[I] felt like the community needed something like this,” Paul said. “We’re a destination.”