La Ola Pop Shop offers homemade treats in a beach-like setting


Customers of La Ola Pop Shop usually notice the beach vibe when entering the downtown Kyle business, said the shop’s owners.

A prominent painting of waves at the entrance sets the tone and is true to the name, which means waves in Spanish.

Owners Paulina and Julian Hernandez dreamed of having that specific painting at their first business, which they opened a year ago. Paulina Hernandez said the dream has become a reality.

La Ola Pop Shop sells a variety of paletas, a type of popsicle, in many flavors. They have fruit- and cream-based paletas, fruit cups, street corn, homemade mangonada and ice cream.

Paulina’s family in Mexico has been in the paleteria business for three generations, but this is the first time the family has brought the secret recipes to the United States.

“My brother sent us the machine and was teaching us how to make them by video chat,” Paulina said.

More training came right before the business opened.

“When her cousins showed up a week or two before we opened, that’s when she learned the techniques and measurements,” Julian said.

Choosing a name was easy, as Julian and Paulina both grew up near the beach in Mexico and on the beaches of California. They said the name and décor were a way to bring their love of beaches to their customers.

La Ola prides itself on homemade treats.

“It’s made here, like at home,” Paulina said. “[Other companies’ goods are] made in a giant factory and shipped in trucks.

“I think people like the fact that they walk in and know it was made inside this building,” Julian said.

La Ola caters weddings and other events. The first years has been such a success, Julian and Paulina hope to expand with a pop shop truck in the future.

225 S. Main St., Kyle
Hours:  Closed Mon., Tues.-Fri. noon-8 p.m., Sun. noon-5 p.m.

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