Several developments slated to contain residential and retail space throughout the city of Kyle have been ushered forward through official channels.

The development advancements came during the Aug. 18 Kyle City Council meeting.

Kohlers Crossing unnamed project

Among the projects is a roughly 15.5-acre multiuse development located at I-35 and Kohlers Crossing for which Kyle City Council approved the development agreement.

The project will border the west side of I-35, the southern portion of Kohlers Crossing and the east edge of Kyle Crossing, and will contain retail and residential lots.

City documents show the 15.5-acre development will house the retail lots along I-35 and Kohlers Crossing, and the residences will account for the rest of the area.

The project developer for the as-yet-unnamed subdivision is Kalterra Capital Partners LLC

The next step, according to city staff, is for the development to go through platting from the city, but there is no definitive date for that yet.

Philomena Drive rezoning

Officials also approved a rezoning of another 36.4-acre plat on 601 Philomena Drive from straight retail to a combination of 6.4 acres of retail, 17 acres of mixed use and 14 acres of multifamily residential.

The developers now need to submit a preliminary plan to the city and go through the platting process, and there is not yet a definitive time frame for that process.

City information states that the site that runs along the east side of I-35 and the west side of Philomena Drive is now largely vacant.

The land is primarily located in what is called a “Core Area Transition” district, which the city defines as consisting mainly of commercial and light industrial uses, along with some residential uses.

Rebel Drive rezoning

Another plat of land, located at 703 Rebel Drive, was also approved for rezoning during the Aug. 18 City Council meeting. As part of another agenda item during the meeting, council voted to rename Rebel Drive as Fajita Drive.

Two parcels within a roughly 15-acre tract were changed—one being a 6.7-acre plat from single family detached zoning to retail services, and the other being an 8.2-acre plat rezoned “to reflect a slightly lower density and larger residential lots,” according to city information.

Combined, the parcels run along the west side of Rebel Drive, now Fajita Drive, and the north side of Gregg Road in Kyle.

Since the approval was unanimous, landowner Ky-Tex Properties LP will now need to submit a preliminary plan and go through the platting process. City staff stated there is not yet a definitive time frame for when that will happen.