The city of Kyle announced May 7 it is loosening water restrictions after recent rainfall recharged the city’s water sources.

“We are simply moving back into our typical water management policy,” City Manager Scott Sellers said in a news release. “Most forecasts tell us that the summer will be cooler and wetter than usual, which will also help to reduce our demand.”

Kyle had been under Stage 2 water restrictions since May 2013. Now under Stage 1 rules customers of the city's water system are prohibited from watering their lawns between 10 a.m. and 8 p.m. Additionally, Kyle residents are asked to help conserve water by following guidelines outlined in the city’s water management ordinance:

  • Follow a voluntary schedule of watering twice per week

  • Check for leaking or broken pipes, faucets, valves and sprinkler heads

  • Do not operate an irrigation system with a broken head, one that is misting due to high water pressure or a head that is spraying onto a street or parking lot

  • Do not allow water to runoff onto the street for a distance of 50 feet or longer

  • Do not allow water to create ponds in the street or parking lot to a depth larger than a quarter-inch.

Although Buda has been grappling with water supply concerns, the city of Kyle has three water sources that are expected to provide the city with sufficient water, Sellers said.

“Kyle has ample water available to meet our anticipated demand for the summer,” he said. “City planners and our City Council have addressed our water plan in a very proactive manner and our position in regards to our water availability is very positive at this time. We will continue to monitor our water supplies and make appropriate adjustments to our restrictions as needed.”

Meanwhile the city of Buda is in Stage 3 drought restrictions as of April 15. The mandatory water conservation period is expected to end May 30. Maintenance improvements to a ground storage water tank necessitated the citywide restrictions, the city of Buda website states.

During the conservation period use of automated irrigation systems is barred while hand-held watering is allowed on certain days. The city will fine noncompliant water users, according to the website.

Residential, commercial, mixed-use and multifamily water users are subject to an address-based schedule for once-per-week, watering hand-held hoses or buckets between the hours of 7 p.m. and 10 a.m.:

Monday: Address ending in 0 or 1
Tuesday: Address ending in 2 or 3
Wednesday: Address ending in 4 or 5
Thursday: Address ending in 6 or 7
Friday Address ending in 8 or 9
Read more on the city’s website.