The Hays County Local Health Department released details of coronavirus cases in the county on March 30.

Twenty-four lab-confirmed cases have been reported to the department, with 18 active cases and six persons who have recovered. So far, according to the county in a release, tests have come back negative for 210 of those tested.

Four of the patients are hospitalized.

Those who have tested positive include 14 females and 10 males. Seven of the 24 are 40-49 years old, while six are 30-39 years old and six are 50-59 years old. None of those with coronavirus are younger than 20 years old or older than 69.

Five of the cases are travel-related, according to the county, while 19 reported no travel.

By city, the breakdown of residents includes:



Dripping Springs-1


San Marcos-10