On June 1, San Marcos City Council voted unanimously in favor of an ordinance allowing miniature goats to be kept in residential zoned districts in San Marcos.

The ordinance defines miniature goats as pygmy and dwarf goats bred to have a maximum shoulder height of 23 or 23.5 inches and weight of 70 or 80 pounds, depending on the breed.

Place 6 Council Member Melissa Derrick and Place 4 Council Member Shane Scott voted against the ordinance during its first reading May 18, but did not pull it from the June 1 meeting's consent agenda for discussion.

"One of the messages I got from a friend of mine, who works on a farm but lives in the city, was [no] they don't make good neighbors," Derrick said during the May meeting.

Derrick previously questioned city staff about how complaints related to smells and other nuisances would be handled.

"We'd handle it just like any other noise complaint, same with any odors or any other nuisance that comes from them," Director of Neighborhood Enhancement Greg Carr said. "That is one reason that we require two goats, and not just one ... because one goat will get lonely and be a little bit more noisy."

Two goats would also be the maximum number of goats allowed.

Residents interested in raising goats must meet a list of requirements related to shelter and location on their property, and male goats have to be neutered. More details about the ordinance can be found on the city's website.