As the city continues to grow in population, city officials are looking to improve roadway mobility in Buda’s most traffic populated areas.

During the city’s planning and zoning commission meeting on Nov. 28, Assistant City Manager Chance Sparks said the city’s most highly-traveled areas include RM 967 between FM 1626 and Downtown Buda and Main Street between I-35 and Downtown Buda.

While no official action was taken at the meeting, commissioners discussed recommending City Council hire an outside expert for City Council to consult on the best ways to improve Buda’s traffic conditions. Commissioners also discussed recommending council to create an advisory board that would be tasked with establishing a bond to fund Buda’s road issues.

City Engineer John Nett said Buda’s peak morning and evening traffic times on the aforementioned roads “is unacceptable and changes need to be made.”

Some ongoing road projects aimed at relieving congestion include the Main Street reconstruction project that widens the street to five lanes and adds a traffic light to the new municipal complex and public safety building, adding a dedicated right turn lane at the Main Street and RM 967 intersection and adding two dedicated left turn lanes on Robert S. Light Boulevard at the intersections of FM 967 and Loop 4 and FM 2770 and FM 1626.

As part of the Capitol Area Metropolitan Planning Organization 2019-2022 call for projects, CAMPO is currently seeking proposals from eligible entities to conduct planning studies under its Platinum Planning Program, which seeks to create
comprehensive and detailed multi-model transportation plans at the local and subregional levels.

Also through Jan. 18, cities and counties in Central Texas will be able to submit transportation projects to CAMPO to be considered for $400 million in funding available over the next four years.

Projects will be rated on performance, such as the project’s impact on congestion and mobility, its regional impact and safety measures; a cost/benefit analysis; and project readiness, meaning how far along it is in the development process. Projects will receive an overall score and the highest-ranking projects will be recommended for funding, according to CAMPO documents.