UPDATE: With all votes in,Travis Mitchell becomes Kyle's new mayor-elect

Travis Mitchell invites guests to the Railhouse for an election watch party.

Travis Mitchell invites guests to the Railhouse for an election watch party.

Update: While votes have not been canvassed, Travis Mitchell received 963 out of 1,622 votes making him the Kyle mayor-elect.

Bill Sinor received 18 percent of the vote with 284. Jamie Sanchez came in third with 12 percent of the vote with 196, and Nicole Romero-Piche held 12 percent of the vote with 179.

Voting totals are unofficial until canvassed.

Update: With nearly all the votes accounted for, Travis Mitchell has claimed victory in the race for Kyle mayor.

At his election watch party Mitchell said that he was grateful for his city's support and looks forward to leading Kyle in a new direction.

"I honestly didn't expect to be as far ahead as I am, but I'm very thankful," Mitchell said. "I'm hoping the days of citizens of Kyle saying that the city of Kyle is not transparent is behind us. I want to bring something new as the role of mayor to the city. A lot more outreach and a lot more engagement and leadership to this city."

Mayoral candidates Bill Sinor and Jamie Sanchez were unavailable for comment, but candidate Nicole Romero-Piche siad this would not be the last time she is active in city government.

"For my first race, just to know that there's people out there that believe in my vision as much as I do and are willing to take time out of their day to vote to say it as well is really awesome," Romero-Piche said. "I'm not done. The average female politician in her first race is in her late 30's. I'm only 33. It's what's next and about finding the right race, finding where I go next, and this time I might buy a few signs."

Mitchell won with 778 votes or 60.36 percent of votes.

Original: Shortly after the polls closed at 7 p.m. today, early voting and unofficial vote totals showed Kyle mayoral candidate Travis Mitchell is leading in the race for the mayor's seat.

Edging out opponents Bill Sinor, Nicole Romero-Piche and Jamie Sanchez, Mitchell received 61.54 percent of the vote, or 528 votes, as of 7:10 p.m. Sinor received 153 votes, Romero-Piche received 76 votes and Sanchez received 102 votes.

Voting totals are unofficial until canvassed.

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