Rizz Pies & Coffee opened in San Marcos on April 14.

The restaurant is in its soft-opening stage with a limited menu and hours. The business is a dual-concept restaurant serving breakfast and sweet and savory pies from Rizz Pies & Coffee plus pizza and wings from Bird Slice, another food concept started by owners Alsu Shamuratova and Patrick Walsh Jr.

Shamuratova said their current focus is Rizz Pies & Coffee, and they are working on rolling out the Bird Slice menu. The Rizz Pies menu includes bagels, smashed croissants, pies, coffee and a variety of fruit drinks.

Shamuratova said she wants Rizz Pies & Coffee to be part of a new generation of fast food that is healthier and free of processed ingredients, so most of the drink syrups are made in-house.

The restaurant is pet-friendly and has free Wi-Fi and a printer available. Its current hours are 9 a.m.-9 p.m., and dine-in and drive-thru ordering options are available. Shamuratova would eventually like to open at 6 a.m.
  • Opened April 14
  • 656 E. Hopkins St., San Marcos
  • Instagram: rizz.pies