Waves Gymnastics, a new family-owned and -operated business, is set to open a new location this spring at 2581 S. Loop 4, Bldg. 507, Buda. Owners Angie and Tod Goldstein also own Tags World Gymnastics, which opened in 1998 in Portland, Texas.

They began their business by offering lessons in their backyard and began growing their clientele to share what they love.

The Goldsteins will be supported by their two daughters at Waves Gymnastics: Abby Schmidt as manager and head coach and Megan Goldstein as the graphic designer.

Together, the team has more than 40 years of experience, and both Angie and Tod are certified teachers while Abby has a degree in early childhood, Abby said.

The new facility in Buda will be around 4,000-5,000 square feet with an array of gymnastics equipment for bars, beams, vaulting, trampoline and more for the full gymnastics experience, Abby said.

Classes that will be offered at Waves vary from the basics for children as young as 5 to adult classes, stretching and mobility classes and TOT Time, for those around 3 years old.

361-441-3424. www.wavesgymnastics.com