Bannockburn Church launched a new campus called Bannockburn Buda-Kyle Sept. 25 at EVO Entertainment, 3200 Kyle Crossing, Kyle. The church follows the Word of God and the Bible. Bannockburn offers two worship services on Sunday mornings. Free child care is also offered. 512-892-2703.

Plum Creek Surgery Center opened in August at 4214 Benner Road, Kyle. The new facility is part of the Greater Austin Pain Center dedicated to treating a range of pain conditions from arthritis to nerve pain, to migraines and more. The surgery center works with everyday and chronic pain to help patients return to normalcy. 737-252-3851.

Shred512 Fitness opened Oct. 1 at 1245 Main St., Ste. 110, Buda. The training facility offers strength training, functional training, high-intensity interval training classes and more. There are also classes that target specific body groups such as upper-body and core conditioning. The facility offers a variety of memberships, personal training and free child care. 512-760-5121.

Square Nails opened Sept. 27 in the Dry River District development at 18840 I-35, Ste. 300, Kyle. The new salon offers a variety of personal grooming services such as pedicures accompanied by massages, waxing for the face and body, and more. The specialty is nail services that range from classic nail polish, gel polish and dip powder to acrylic nails. Square Nails also offers complimentary drinks including soda, wine and cocktails. 512-256-5517.

Supreme Academy ATX opened in September at 151 Bunton Creek Road, Bldg. 1, Kyle, offering different fitness practices such as Brazilian jiujitsu, judo and more. The academy offers kids, beginner and advanced Brazilian jiujitsu and beginner and advanced judo classes as well as a strength and conditioning program to increase stamina, sharpen reflexes and strengthen muscles. Classes are offered as early as 6 a.m.and as late as 7:30 p.m. 512-268-9010.

Bruner Electric, a family-owned and -operated business, began operations in August providing residential and commercial service to Buda, Kyle and the surrounding areas. With more than a decade of experience, the team offers rewiring and other repairs as well as new installations of LED lighting, ceiling fans, car chargers and more. 737-787-5530.