Ellipsis Boutique fills stylish niche at Buda Mill & Grain Co.


When Amy Krell opened her own boutique during the summer of 2017, she said she chose a name that meant something to her.

“Ellipsis is the dot, dot, dot,” Krell said. “It always means: more to come, more to add to your story.”

Krell used to work in an office, but when her family moved to Austin from Montana five years ago, she wanted to try something different.

“I discovered Buda, especially this area—the [Buda] Mill & Grain [Co.]—and just thought, this is a good fit for me,” Krell said.

Not long after opening the store, Krell and her family relocated.

“We moved to Buda about a year ago just to be more part of the community,” Krell said. “Because we love it—it’s such a small-town feel. It’s growing, and it’s going to be a big city, but it’s still keeping that small-town vibe.”

Ellipsis Boutique sells women’s clothing, accessories, shoes and a few home goods.

Krell describes the style at Ellipsis as contemporary, fresh and above all “always changing.”

“You’re not going to find cookie-cutter styles in here,” she said.

With occasional help from her daughter, Krell runs the store and curates the selection entirely on her own, traveling to Dallas a few times a year to see new styles and brands. She said she also takes suggestions from customers and is sure to include local designers from the Austin area such as Dot + Dash Design and Big Imagination Design. Krell also carries Buda’s own handbag and accessory brand, Brynn Ashtyn, which donates a portion of profits to its scholarship fund.

Krell said that in Buda, small businesses do not compete as much as they support each other.

“Everybody has been so welcoming,” she said. “Being a small community … I want my neighbors to thrive, I want  the boutique business down the road to do well, because that’s just going to bring more traffic for all of us.”

She said she hopes to be running Ellipsis Boutique long into the future.

“I feel like I found a niche here in Buda,” she said. “I want to be here; I want to be growing.”

Ellipsis Boutique
306 S. Main St., Ste. 105, Buda
Hours: Tue.-Fri. 10 a.m.-6 p.m., Sat. 10 a.m.-5 p.m., Sun 10 a.m.-2 p.m., closed Mon.

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