A San Marcos doctor-specialist team offers more than just hearing treatment at Medpark Hearing Center


Otolaryngologist Dr. Edward Tomaneng has seen some changes in his business since he opened Medpark Clinic in 1985.

Among the biggest was when he hired hearing specialist Anthony Antecio in the early 1990s, he said.

The physician-owned San Marcos business had a stock room that became valuable space for the business, Antecio said.

“That’s a hearing booth,” Antecio said of the stock room. “So why do we have to put paper towels in it?”

Through the hiring of Antecio, Medpark Hearing Center was established and has since provided hearing health care for children, adults and seniors, Tomaneng said. Medpark works with seven hearing aid companies offering full audiological, ontological and otolaryngology exams, ear wax removal, acoustic emissions testing, and service of all makes and models of hearing-aid devices.

Antecio said he looks at the business as a hearing rehabilitation center.

Dr. Tomaneng and Antecio have worked together to clear patients of nose, throat, ear and allergy issues before receiving hearing treatment. Because of Medpark’s specialties patients can be treated all in just one appointment.

Not only does Medpark Hearing Center work with multiple suppliers of hearing aids, they also offer a range of technology and features in different hearing aid styles.

Hearing aids can range in various styles. Several factors go into deciding the right style for an individual patient. Depending on a patient’s preference, hearing aids can be worn completely in an ear canal, behind an ear or with an ear mold.

“Dr. Tomaneng has been in practice for over 25 years,” Antecio said. “You don’t stay in practice if you don’t have a good reputation. Our policy here is openness and honesty.”

Medpark Hearing Center
2000 Medical Parkway, Ste. C, San Marcos
Hours:  Mon.-Fri. 8:30 a.m.-5 p.m., Closed Sat.-Sun.

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