City of San Marcos officials declared a state of disaster on Sunday, a day after the first presumptive positive coronavirus case was announced in Hays County. The county activated its emergency plan on Saturday, which allows different resources to be utilized in an attempt to stop the spread of the disease.

At a press conference March 15, Eric Schneider, Hays County Local Health Department epidemiologist, urged the community to stay calm and practice preventative measures.

“A lot of people in Hays County will probably end up getting this disease, but the majority of people who get this disease can stay home, just like you would with the flu or a cold, wait until you don’t have any symptoms, let it run its course, stay hydrated and get back to your life,” Schneider said.

At the press conference, city officials throughout Hays County urged the community not to panic as the call for a state disaster was to utilize resources to help contain the pandemic.

“Today, San Marcos we are declaring a state of disaster to activate our emergency plan that will allow us to allocate resources to utilize all disaster funding and resources available through the state and federal agencies,” San Marcos Mayor Jane Hughson said at the press conference.

On Saturday, the county health department said the area resident who tested positive had traveled to multiple cities on the West Coast. The patient is in self-quarantine at home.