The Round Rock City Council voted unanimously to approve the exchange of around 0.5 acres of land to widen the intersection of Mays Street/Oakmont Drive and University Boulevard at its meeting July 8.

The property will be exchanged with ICU Medical, which is located at 2820 Oakmont Drive. An additional $2.156 million will be spent by the city to cover the construction costs of reconfiguring the facility so the street can be widened, reducing congestion at the intersection of Mays/Oakmont.

Transportation Director Gary Hudder said at the council’s July 6 packet meeting that the property currently functions as the owner’s supply entry and loading dock. These will be shifted to another side of the building that does not face Oakmont, also known as Mays, on property currently owned by the city.

The other option considered for creating additional access to University, Hudder said, was a portion of the Walgreens parking lot on the opposite side of the street, at 4081 N. Mays St., which would have left the city footing a much larger bill.

“We would have been obligated to do what's called damage to the remaining,” Hudder said. “We basically would have had to pay them for the entirety of the business operation. It was upwards of $5 million. They still could have stayed there and operated; we would have just been funding the fact that our damage by taking the parking away was so significant that it impacted the operations of the building.”

These Type B funds will come from the Round Rock Transportation Economic Development Corp., per the meeting packet.

This is just a small part of the city’s expansion plan for University, which will be a six-lane, median-divided urban arterial roadway, according to the city. At the intersections of Oakmont and University Oaks, dual turn lanes will be added.