Round Rock Mayor Craig Morgan was authorized by the City Council Sept. 23 to execute a meet and confer agreement with the Round Rock Police Association.

This agreement outlines how the city will conduct business with its police officers, as far as practices and functions that are appropriate to the governing body operating in a "responsible and effective manner," according to the agreement. Included in this agreement is an annual 3% pay increase for the three-year duration of the agreement. This is the third meet and confer agreement the city has entered into with the Round Rock Police Association since 2012.

The agreement also allows RRPD officers to have a 15-step pay scale. During the city's packet briefing on Sept. 21, officials discussed the market average of a 12-step pay scale, which would have officers "topping out," or maxing out their salaries, at around 12 years for officers, with each pay scale step representing a single year. The pay scale on the new meet and confer agreement, which will expire on Sept. 30, 2024, includes a base as well as 14 steps intended to reflect annual salary increases. Round Rock Police Chief Allen Banks said this will allow the department to retain officers longer.

"Really what it does is it takes your seasoned officer, [and] he or she tops out quicker than what we had before," Banks said. "The highest pay would have been 15 years, outpacing the 12 years. What we're trying to do is look at retaining officers for a longer period of time."

The agreement includes provisions for additional pay tied to extra certifications and education incentives, as well as disciplinary procedures.