The gist: While the median taxable value of homes in Williamson County rose around 10% year over year, the median sales valuation of homes dropped about 12%. On March 31, county staff mailed appraisal notices to 238,244 homes throughout Williamson County.

The significance: County data states the previous year-over-year comparison from 2021 to 2022 showed home sales prices increased in sales by 45%.

Important to know: Texas Property Tax Code states residents have until May 15 or 30 days from when the valuation notices were mailed out to protest their home valuations with the county. Williamson County staff said property owners won't know how the taxable values will affect their tax bills until entities finalize their fiscal year 2023-24 rates later this year. For context, and a complete list of taxing entities and their 2022 tax rates in Williamson County, click here.

Direct from the county: A March 31 news release from Williamson County states, "residential sale prices peaked in May of 2022 and declined throughout the rest of the year. The average home values have decrease across the county by approximately 12% this January compared to January of 2022."

See the data: Williamson County data shows year-over-year comparisons from 2022 to 2023 of all cities in the county. Data below includes taxable valuations, sales valuations and residential home counts.