Round Rock City Council approved an agreement May 9 with Services LLC for Just Walk Out software and equipment, allowing visitors to the Round Rock Sports Center to skip the cashier's checkout line.

The details

The Round Rock Parks and Recreation Department decided for the complex to go cashless in January, Joe Brehm, director of community and neighborhood services department, told council members during a briefing May 7.

With the new system, individuals will enter the complex and scan a payment method. When the individual wishes to purchase something from concessions, a series of cameras and sensors are used to identify the shopper, items in hand and charge their card.

All major card vendors are accepted as well as Apple pay and Apple wallets.

Darin McIntyre, a spokesman for Just Walk Out, said this technology has been around since 2014. He explained that today many airports and major sport arenas now include this type of technology, including the Austin FC Q2 stadium.

One more thing

Though the complex will be predominantly cashless, the Round Rock Sports Center will still offer a limited option concession stand for those with cash.