Texas Baptist Children’s Home received approval March 14 from Round Rock City Council for a planned unit development, or PUD, on roughly 112 acres of land located off Hwy. 79.

The gist

The organization's facilities will move toward the back of the property, and existing facilities will expand. The front portion of the property will be designated for mixed use.

Terms of the development agreement state the original chapel must be preserved and remain visible from Hwy. 79, as it serves as an iconic landmark in Round Rock.

Additional provisions of the PUD prohibit any drive-thru or strip mall-type developments from being constructed on the mixed-use portion of the property.

What they’re saying

Place 5 council member Kristin Stevens voiced concerns with the road infrastructure on the back of the property, noting the rezoning would place a potential commercial property along Old Bowman Road. Stevens said the road does not seem like it could support increased traffic.

“It's an old, small road that might need to be relooked at,” she said.

Amanda Kamm, a resident whose property borders one of the proposed commercial parcels, expressed concern about potential future developments affecting the flood spillway, given the history of flooding in the surrounding neighborhoods during heavy rains.

"The current development that will be built can't have any additional impact, any kind of flooding,” Mayor Craig Morgan said, addressing Kamm’s worries. “But they will have to do all this through their site development and be able to come back and show staff that there's not going to be any negative impact with regards to any neighborhoods in that area.”

Who it’s for

A long-standing family-support organization in Round Rock, the Texas Baptist Children’s Home will continue to provide services for children and families in need.

With the approval of its PUD application, the property will feature attached and detached single-family units with shared amenities and a recreation center.

“Our residential program provides a safe home and a stable family environment where they can learn, grow and ultimately experience a happy, healthy future,” the Texas Baptist Children’s Home website states.