Round Rock City Council will consider amending current city zoning regulations at their meeting Oct. 12, potentially making way for more tattoo shops in the Round Rock area.

What's happening?

In an effort to address various requests from the public, the planning and development department has proposed an amendment to current codes of zoning, allowing for less restrictive zoning options for tattoo shops in Round Rock.

“In effect what our code’s been doing is almost outlawing—not on purpose, but in practice—tattoo shops,” Brad Wiseman, Round Rock director of planning and development, said. “Twenty years ago, or so, tattoo shops were viewed much differently, culturally than they are now. [Today] they are a common thing.”

The department argued that the proposed amendment would play a pivotal role in advancing the city's progress in line with the 2023 comprehensive plan, referencing the city's overarching vision of becoming the "city of choice" and its strategic commitment to adapt to change.

Tattoo shops are currently only permitted in the downtown area or in commercial zoning districts, which are typically developed as shopping centers associated with higher rent costs.

The takeaway

Should the city council grant approval for the amendment to the city's zoning regulations, it will pave the way for tattoo shops to operate in areas specifically designated for both retail and cosmetic services.