Round Rock officials are monitoring performances from live acts at new music venue Round Rock Amp, following complaints from residents.

In a Nextdoor post from April 8, Mayor Craig Morgan stated that residents in nearby neighborhoods Hidden Glen and Wood Glen would most likely be able to hear the show featuring Snoop Dogg and other "bass-heavy" acts. According to his statement, the city received complaints about the venue the previous weekend.

"The city is aware of the noise complaints related to the Round Rock Amp concert last Saturday night," Morgan said. "Like many, I was surprised that people living in Hidden Glen and Wood Glen heard the music so loudly last Saturday as the stage faces northwest toward Texas Crushed Stone and not southwest toward the neighborhoods."

Morgan said he had met with a representative of the Hidden Glen Homeowners Association, and that the city will monitor future events being held at the venue. He clarified that Round Rock Amp has not violated the city's sound ordinance under current regulations. Round Rock Amp, Morgan said, can hold concerts similar in size to those held at Dell Diamond, with more restrictions.

Round Rock resident Bill Wentworth said his family could not hear the music coming from the show that night, but they could feel it. The vibrations from the show traveled approximately four miles to Wentworth's subdivision, which he said prevented his six-year-old child from sleeping.

"I complained to the police, mayor and City Council because the bass from the concert was vibrating my house way over in the Behren’s Ranch subdivision," Wentworth said.

However, Morgan asked residents not to call emergency services regarding complaints about Round Rock Amp.

"If you feel a need to communicate on the issue, you can contact me at [email protected]," Morgan said in the statement. "The City Council and I are committed to finding the right balance between the venue and the neighborhood. The city is in communication with the venue owner and will continue to be moving forward. Additionally, we will be in communication with the HOA as we continue to evaluate potential solutions to help mitigate the sound.”

Community Impact Newspaper has reached out to Round Rock Amp and its owner Mike Farr, and will update this story with any statements given.