U.S. Rep. John R. Carter, R-Round Rock, addressed the Round Rock Chamber and guests during a monthly Power Luncheon, sharing information regarding local ties to defense programs and redistricting.

Carter, who represents Texas' 31st Congressional District, said redistricting maps created by the state have reduced how much of his district encompasses Round Rock.

"I have about two-thirds of Williamson County, and I'm losing a lot of Round Rock," Carter said. "Basically, everything south of [RM] 620, including my son's high school; he is not happy about it."

Previously, the 31st Congressional District included the vast majority of Bell and Williamson counties. Following the release of redrawn maps by the Texas Legislature, this district now encompasses much less of Round Rock and is now much larger, extending north well past Gatesville.

Some of the southern parts of Round Rock formerly located within Carter's district will be split among the 10th, 17th and 37th Congressional Districts according to the redrawn map enacted by the Legislature.

Carter also spoke about his efforts to bring large defense companies, such as Boeing, to Round Rock, as it is midway between the state Capitol and Fort Hood in Killeen, where the Army Futures Command is based. The Army Futures Command, Carter said, works toward the development and improvement of warfare technologies.

"We want to put together a group of men and women that will dream the future of warfare and then create it," Carter said.

Round Rock Chamber President Jason Ball said some of his staff members were pursuing that suggestion by convening an advisory board of defense industry experts.

"I can tell you we are eager to talk to any defense industry company you think that would enjoy a conversation about Central Texas, and we will jump at that opportunity," Ball said.