Members of the Round Rock community who are interested in participating more actively with the local school district may soon have an opportunity to do so through its School Health Advisory Council.

What you need to know

In early May, Round Rock ISD shared through its social media channels the district is accepting applications to be considered for a volunteer position on the district's SHAC committee.

Those who are interested in applying to be part of the selection pool for future appointments to the council can submit their applications here.

About the program

The SHAC is charged with addressing needs of the district's health program, such as nutrition and fitness, health education, and health services in schools.

Other aspects of school health education the council weighs in on include:
  • How many instructional hours should be provided in health education
  • Grade level-appropriate health education curriculum that may include programming designed to prevent obesity, cardiovascular disease and Type 2 diabetes.
  • Instruction to prevent smoking and substance abuse among students.
  • Grade level-appropriate human sexuality education.
More information about the SHAC is available here.