As Round Rock ISD heads into its next budget planning cycle, district officials are proposing compensation increases for employees.

RRISD administration prepared three options for its compensation plan that will be presented to the board of trustees for a vote May 18. All three include a minimum 2% compensation increase for all district employees, and one option would require a voter-approval tax rate election, or VATRE.

Under consideration are:
  • Option 1
    • This option includes a 3% pay increase for teachers and librarians, increasing starting salary to $54,500 and adjusting the salary schedule to improve market competitiveness and internal pay equity. Eligible teachers and librarians would receive a $1,750 general pay increase, according to the district.
    • All other employees would receive a 2% pay increase, and an adjustment of existing pay structure.
  • Option 2
    • This option also proposes a 3% pay increase for teachers and librarians, but with a slightly higher starting salary at $56,250. The salary schedule would also be adjusted for the current market and internal pay equity, with eligible employees receiving an additional $1,750 pay increase.
    • All other employees would receive a 3% pay increase under this proposal, and the existing pay structure and schedule would be adjusted.
  • Option 3
    • While options 1 and 2 would see long-term changes made to existing pay structures, the third option would implement one-time pay adjustments for the 2023-24 school year, at 3% for teachers and librarians and 2% for all other employees. Recommended adjustments to pay schedules would also be made.
    • Or, if the board should choose to order a tax rate election, and voters approve a higher tax rate, all district employees would receive a 3% pay raise to be paid in a lump sum in January 2024 based on the number of days worked. Salaries would then be increased by the remaining amount for the rest of the 2023-24 school year. Additional salary schedule adjustments would be made, according to the district.
    • One-time incentives would be paid to special education teachers; special education assistants; student teachers; secondary math teachers; secondary Spanish teachers; and a relocation stipend for visiting international teachers.
A presentation of information regarding a potential VATRE will also be given at the meeting. Round Rock ISD officials have not yet called such an election.