Slapbox Pizzicheria serves slices and pies on dough made in-house daily in downtown Round Rock.

The restaurant and drafthouse opened in 2017 as a sister restaurant to 600 Degrees Pizzeria and 600 Degrees Marketplace in Georgetown. Owners Mark Thompson and Mike Chang, who created both concepts, opened a second Slapbox location between Brushy Creek and Cedar Park on Parmer Lane in November 2020.

The restaurant’s name comes from a colloquial term for the practice of purchasing pizza by the slice, or a “slap-box,” that originated with Italian immigrants in the 1940s.

Adding to the history from which the restaurant draws its themes, the pizza sauce recipe is also an 85-year-old closely guarded secret that comes from San Francisco, where Thompson is originally from.

There are 25 signature slices and pies offered at the Round Rock location with many combinations through customization.

The menu includes a specialty gluten-free crust with each pie requiring a 35-minute cook time.

In addition to pizza, other menu items include wings, meatballs, gourmet cheese bread, garlic knots and salad. Customers can also enjoy sub sandwiches, french fries and desserts such as New York-style cheesecake, chocolate cake and tiramisu.

All four locations are managed by Kenneth “Kenny” Hay, who began with the company at 600 Degrees and worked up the ranks through bartender, manager and now district manager.

Hay grew up with members of the Thompson family, and said that family atmosphere is part of what makes the restaurant unique.

“Our pizza is different,” Hay said. “It’s really good. I think the atmosphere that we’ve created here as well, it’s something that’s a good draw.”

Hay said his favorite aspect of the job includes the people he works for, the people he works with and the loyal customers who kept all of the restaurants afloat during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Most of our dining was obviously closed,” Hay said. “But ... the town sure did support us with our to-go [orders]. We were able to sell a lot of packaged beer as well as pizza and everything that we have on the menu. We were able to keep a handful of employees because of it.”

Hay said there is not much difference between the 600 Degrees location in Georgetown and Slapbox in Round Rock. Both are full of welcoming customers and a thriving business community.

“[It’s] just a little bit different,” Hay said. “Locations always matter, and just like Georgetown, it’s in a downtown area. Georgetown’s a little bit smaller, so that’s the only thing [that is] different.”