More than 500 multifamily homes have been approved in a largely undeveloped section of Round Rock.

At an April 13 meeting, City Council approved the annexation and zoning of 37.43 acres of property near CR 122 for a mixed-use development that will feature apartments and duplexes.

Called Settlers Park Junction, the project will have up to 325 apartments and 176 duplexes.

Brad Wiseman, Round Rock planning and development services director, said the development will have 1,100 feet of walking trails available for resident use.

The mixed-use development will remain surrounded by large rural residential lots and established single-family neighborhoods, and Wiseman said the new development is a fitting example of the city’s ongoing expansion.

“It's kind of a synopsis of the story of growth in Round Rock in general,” Wiseman said. “More people want to live and be in Round Rock. Housing changes over time, all the way from rural residential to single-family to townhouse to multifamily, so what this area’s experiencing isn't unlike [what] other areas in Round Rock experience.”