The City of Round Rock Planning and Zoning Commission unanimously recommended approval of the rezoning of Kenney Fort planned unit development at its meeting on June 16, according to Public Information Officer Sara Bustilloz.

The tract, which is adjacent to the Dell Diamond baseball field, is zoned for mixed use, and this application seeks to have it rezoned to urban style mixed use.

Located across Kenney Fort Boulevard from Kalahari Resorts Texas, the 110.54 acre PUD would use 20% to 60% of the acreage for urban style multifamily housing, up to 30% for mixed residential and between 20% and 40% for single family and townhouse options. It is not yet clear how many individual units of housing would be available with these bounds in place.

The concept plan for Kenny Fort PUD states 25 acres of the lot would be dedicated to parks and open space.

According to the concept plan, a new land use has been established for the development called the Maker Space. These are buildings with areas used for small-scale artisan manufacturing or fabrication as well as office space.

The project will be developed by Milhaus and Archo Residential. With this recommendation from the planning and zoning commission, the PUD will go before council at its next meeting for initial approval.