A major Round Rock thoroughfare originally scheduled to open to drivers this summer could be delayed to the fall.

The delay to the new segment of Kenney Fort Boulevard from Forest Creek Drive and SH 45 N could be made official at an April 13 City Council meeting.

"We're in the process of changing how we have street lights throughout the city," said Gary Hudder, Round Rock transportation department director, at an April 11 packet briefing. "When this project was designed, we were still under the old process of letting Oncor handle that for the contractors directly."

This could be one of the first roadways to have exclusively city-owned lighting, as Oncor Electric owns the majority of street lights within Round Rock.

Adding the lights to the project would push the expected completion date just a bit further, with the road expected to open in the fall under those conditions, Hudder said.

The roadway extension will eliminate a gap in the city's transportation network between Gattis School Road and SH 45 N, enhancing mobility, Hudder said. It is part of a larger street that is planned to connect drivers from SH 45 N to University Boulevard.

While the city is taking steps to assume ownership of more than 5,000 individual street lights, Hudder said council is being proactive in considering whether to add this piece to the project.

At the April 13 meeting, City officials will consider $507,755.33 in additional project costs that include lighting, irrigation system repairs and installation of a sound wall.

This change order would bring the total cost to $25.98 million, or $2 million more than the original contract price.