Area residents looking to use public transportation services from the city of Round Rock will have a new option soon: mobility on demand.

Residents will be able to use the shared, point-to-point ride service starting in mid- to late June, Round Rock Transportation Director Gary Hudder said, after the city has phased out its existing Star Shuttle paratransit service.

New services provided by a $6.25 million contract with zTrip, approved by city officials March 23, will also offer curb-to-curb services for disabled riders. All riders will be able to use the point-to-point service, which operates similarly to bus stops using designated system pickup and drop-off spots.

The city's general fund and federal grant funds are to pay for the initiative in an even split.

Riders will need to register with zTrip before booking rides, Round Rock Transit Coordinator Edna Johnson said. Once registered, riders will book by phone call, using the service's website or through the zTrip app. Each individual rider must register and pay fare to use the service, but there is no limit on party size outside of the physical constraints of the vehicle.

This comes as the city implemented changes to its public transit system in January to balance a decrease in ridership with existing needs of residents.