Heritage Trail West is one step closer to completion, following actions of city officials Feb. 9.

A $19.5 million contract for construction of the remainder of the project, partially funded by the 2013 bond, was awarded to Patin Construction.

The city originally awarded the $7.3 million contract to Ritter, Botkin Prime Construction Co. in June 2020, and construction began on the trail segment in January 2021. However, in late 2021, Ritter, Botkin Prime Construction Co. filed for bankruptcy and abandoned the project, according to Rick Atkins, Round Rock Parks and Recreation Department director.

After attempts to rebid the project through a surety were unsuccessful, city officials decided to complete the project on their own and will submit for reimbursement, according to city documents.

At the Aug. 25 council meeting Atkins said the rebidding guidelines will require the new contractor to take over liability for the trail upgrade project, which he said is about 20%-25% complete.

Several factors led to the increase in contract costs, city staff said. These include the responsibility assumed by the new contractor by taking over the former contractor’s work, as they will have to warranty and replace that work if it is defective. The price of materials, such as fencing, concrete and steel, as well as labor to complete the project have also increased since it was first bid.

The Heritage Trail West project will ultimately connect the approximately 1-mile span between Chisholm Trail Road and North Mays Street along Brushy Creek. City Council approved a resolution to rebid the project through a sealed proposal at an August meeting.

City documents state the trail project, which will connect to the countywide Brushy Creek Regional Trail once complete, will be a 10-foot-wide trail detailing the history of Round Rock as a timeline. Starting at Bathing Beach at Chisholm Trail Road and running to Mays Street, it will include improvements at Bathing Beach Park, Chisholm Trail Crossing Park and Memorial Park.