Round Rock City Council members Matthew Baker and Kristin Stevens were sworn into office by Texas Supreme Court Justice Jane Bland May 27.

Baker was reelected to his seat in Place 3 on the City Council in the May election, while Stevens is filling the Place 5 seat vacated by Writ Baese, who did not seek reelection.

“This election was not about me, but it was about our community,” Stevens said. “And I think we did a fabulous job of saying that we're all a community here and we're all here to make it a better place.”

Stevens is also filling the same seat her father Charlie Culpepper vacated 22 years ago, when he was a City Councilman and then Mayor of Round Rock.

“This is the reason that I'm here,” Stevens said of her father. “You taught me what it means to serve your community and you taught me what it means to be a leader.

Baker said he plans to continue building on the work done by his predecessors, some of whom he noted were in the meeting’s audience.

“You know, when I campaigned I put my vision of what the city should be,” Baker said. “My vision of the city's why I moved to Round Rock in the first place. Many of my predecessors are in the audience. You made this city a great city, you see that all the time in the accolades the city receives. And my vision is just to continue that.”

Outgoing Councilman Writ Baese, who had served on the City Council since 2015, received many gifts from city department heads, including a “Baese Blvd.” street sign from transportation department head Gary Hudder.

Baese said he felt "blessed" to have been on the council and work with the city.

“I just feel fortunate and blessed to have had the opportunity to be a part of it for a few years and look forward to doing some other things in the future,” Baese said. “So I’ll keep this short, because tonight really is about Kristin and Matt and what they're doing here.”

“So first of all, I’d like to congratulate Kristin and Matt on their election victory, congratulations. I know you guys, Matt, you’re going to continue doing an incredible job. I’m look forward to Kristin, all the things you’re going to do. During this time we had opportunities to visit and it's clear, you have a very good understanding and a very good thought process of where we're heading and what's going on.”