UPDATED: March 12, 3:55 p.m.

Agenda items for Round Rock City Council's March 11 meeting include a resolution for a coronavirus relief funding for transit operations, a quantity adjustment and the purchase of 47.94 acres of land along Westview Drive, among others.

Relief funds for transit operations

City Council will consider a resolution to authorize submitting a grant application for Coronavirus Response & Relief Supplement Appropriations Act funding from the Federal Transit Administration to fund operating expenses for the bus system and ADA paratransit services.

Transportation Director Gary Hudder presented the resolution before council during the packet briefing March 9. According to Hudder, the request is for slightly over $1 million to fund transit operations for 18 months.

“[The funds are] strictly for our current operations. We’re in the process of a transit update that we will bring to the council later in the year,” Hudder said.

Round Rock Mayor Craig Morgan asked if the passing of the resolution would secure federal funding to cover the portion the city pays out of pocket to fund transit operations. Hudder said the funds would indeed cover the operational costs normally paid by the city.

On March 11, Round Rock City Council voted 7-0 in favor of submitting the grant application last night.

Hudder said if the city's application is approved, additional funding that would have been set toward operating expenses for the bus system and ADA paratransit services will be allocated toward an update on the city's transportation master plan. The master plan was pulled from the fiscal year 2020-21 budget due to COVID-related budget cuts.

Lake Creek 10 & 11 Wastewater Improvements Project

A resolution for a quantity adjustment would give $55,000 back to the city if passed. According to the resolution, the Lake Creek 10 & 11 Wastewater Improvements Project has been completed under budget.

The original construction contract with PM Construction & Rehab was for $591,000. Once the project was completed, there was an additional $55,000 that was not needed.

The two wastewater project along I-35 and Hesters Crossing Road were upsized due to the developments going on in the La Frontera area. Items taken out of the contract included sidewalk repair and manhole reconstruction.

Round Rock City Council voted 7-0 March 11 on the wastewater improvements project. No additional council discussion was held prior to the vote.

Purchase of 47.94 acres along Westview Drive

Another notable resolution, set to be presented by Planning Director Brad Wiseman, is for a services agreement with the property owners of 47.94 acres south of Gattis School Road, along Westview Drive.

State law requires that there be a services agreement between the property owner and the city before annexation of property in the municipal boundaries of the city. Services include fire, solid waste, street maintenance, zoning, utilities, police and all governmental services.

Existing occupied homes using water wells and on-site sewage facilities can continue to do so. If the property is developed, the landowners are required to fund and construct water and wastewater improvements to serve the area, the resolution states.

The second part of the resolution is for voluntary annexation on Westview Drive. The property owners have been working with a local realtor to have the property voluntarily annexed into the city.

“After this annexation, everything in this area will be in the city limits, excluding a residential storage yard that will remain in the county,” Wiseman said.

The land prchased was approved by council in a 7-0 vote March 11.

Kelsey Thompson contributed reporting to this story.