At the heart of Round Rock, the city’s only locally owned bike shop, Blur Cycleworks, is a unique hub for all kinds of cyclists, offering full-service bike repairs and free weekly bike outings.

“Our philosophy here is that we want you to be a bike rider, not a bike owner,” owner Eric Warnsman said. “We don't want you to buy a bike and ride it three times and put it in your garage and let it sit forever. ... By having these rides, it gets to people to come out and ride with others.”

Blur Cycleworks hosts social and competitive rides for a variety of skill levels. The shop offers beginner rides on Tuesdays, endurance rides on Saturdays and advanced races on Thursdays.

The backstory

Prior to 2018, the bike shop was a triathlon training facility called Austin Multi-Sport. At the time, the only bike shop in town was Buck’s Bikes, which had been around for nearly 30 years.

Recognizing a need in the community, Warnsman, a bicycle racing enthusiast, transformed the business to serve serious and casual cyclists alike. In 2022, the retail chain Playtri purchased Buck’s Bikes.

“I think when you're locally owned, you're more invested in their community,” Warnsman said. “The people that are regulars, I call them ‘friends of the shop.’ When they come in here, they really enjoy hanging out. I think it's all about having that friendly face that you see every time.”

Warnsman grew up in the suburbs of Houston, where he recalls taking 10-mile trips around town with his neighbor every night after school. Since moving to Austin in 2001, Warnsman has participated in countless races and triathlons in the greater metro area, making him an expert in local bike paths.

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Looking ahead to cooler fall weather, Warnsman said it’s important for bike owners to check their bikes before setting out for a ride. For bikes that have been stored outdoors, Warnsman said excessive heat may cause damage to tires, helmets, brake hydraulics and steering grips.

Along with selling top-of-the-line racing, mountain and road bikes, Blur Cycleworks offers a variety of unique repair services, including:

  • 12 months of free repairs and tuneups for all bikes purchased in shop
  • 12 months of bike fittings to ensure a bike is adjusted to the owner's individual comfort
  • $25 new-bike inspections to check for proper assembly and hazards
Blur Cycleworks

1011 Gattis School Road, Ste. 100, Round Rock