Round Rock yoga studio Soul Strong Yoga relocated from 309 W. Main St., Ste. 121, to 107 S. Lewis St., Stes. 110 and 120, in early June. Owner Julie Afsahi opened the studio in 2018, growing a yoga community locally in the five years since.

The new space is part of a mixed-use development owned by Brent Campbell, a broker with Don Quick & Associates, comprising four tenant suites on the ground level and two apartments on the second floor. Campbell was also Afsahi's landlord at her previous location, and Afsahi said moving to his new space gave her more space for the different types of yoga programming provided in her studio, ranging from slower, low-impact flows to power yoga and prenatal classes.

In addition to offering in-person yoga classes, Afsahi holds training courses for aspiring yoga instructors. The studio has made a name for itself in this arena regionally, she said, as well as online, where she is teaching several international instructors.

“I have a student in Germany right now; she just started this week,” she said. “We have students from all over who do our online.”

Soul Strong Yoga offers private lessons, yoga classes and several community events throughout the year.