After 42 years of operation at 2415 N. I-35, Round Rock, the Chevron fuel station owned by Georgetown native Johnny Lindell closed its doors in July 2022.

It was through the ownership of the Chevron station, that was a Gulf station until 1995, for more than four decades that the Lindell family established a legacy of care and a prominent gathering spot for many customers in Round Rock.

From 1980-2022, multiple generations of the Lindell family worked there, including Johnny’s sons, Keith and Kevin Lindell, and Kevin’s son, Trevor Lindell.

The Chevron station circa 1984. (Courtesy Kevin Lindell)

The Lindell family began leasing the property in 1980 before purchasing it in 1995, and Kevin said the family decided to officially close the gas station, auto shop and Uhaul dealership on the property as Johnny’s health declined.

Johnny died just before the station closed, and now the owners of the neighboring Hyundai dealership lease the property.

Kevin said the station had many long-term employees, including Marshia Bible, who acted as the station’s secretary. She also kept meticulous records, ensuring both the business’s success and a smooth transition when it closed.

Courtesy Kevin Lindell

But even with the station staffed with employees, Johnny still had his hand in everything.

“He loved to run the cash register,” Keith said. “He loved to talk to everybody that came in that door. He didn’t care if he knew them or had never seen them before.”

As the city’s expansion pushed business northward, Kevin said the Chevron station became a social spot for employees of neighboring businesses. When Johnny acquired an on-premises beer license, an unofficial happy hour drew locals to the picnic tables on the property for an informal daily hangout.

Johnny’s friends and family members remember him as a dedicated man who loved his customers and his gas station, even showing up to work on Christmas.

“It would have killed him to see it go,” Kevin said. “And he didn’t have to see it go.”