Jim Kline said his motorcycle repair and retail operation, Flying Piston Motorcycles, is not just a place where motorcyclists can find their next ride or have their bike inspected and maintained—it’s a place where they can extend their longevity as a rider.

Kline said Flying Piston is the only authorized dealer in the state of Texas of Tilting Motor Works, a conversion product that helps aging riders by retrofitting two-wheeled bikes into three-wheeled bikes by adding a second tire to the front.

Kline said the conversions provide extra stability and allow riders to tilt more easily and safely around curves in the road. By having an additional wheel and brake, stopping is also easier for older riders, Kline said.

“The baby boomer generation, we’re the ones that bought all the motorcycles and houses,” Kline said. “We started out when we were big enough to get on mini-bikes and started riding two-wheelers. Then what happens is we’re all getting old.”

Introduced in 2019, the Tilting Motor Works conversion kits are one of the newer offerings from the shop, which celebrated 10 years operating in the Greater Round Rock area in April, Kline said.

In addition to these conversion kits, Flying Piston also services and sells traditional two- and three-wheel bikes.

While Kline said inventory at Flying Piston is low, it includes Harley-Davidson, Honda and custom builds, and it will change as other bikes are purchased or traded by the shop. All bikes sold are fully serviced and road ready, Kline said.

“You’ll see everything in here,” Kline said. “You’ll see dirt bikes, street bikes, new Harleys, old Japanese [models], new Japanese [models].”

Combined, the staff at Flying Piston has 30 years of experience and can service any kind of bike. Kline said his shop isn’t limited to foreign or domestic motorcycles, and his mechanics will work on nearly anything, including dirt bikes.

In addition to oil changes, brake fluid flushes, state inspections and tire changes, the shop can perform regular maintenance and repairs. An appointment isn’t required for inspections.

Customers can also purchase parts from the shop if they prefer to maintain their own bike.

“Safety’s our No. 1 core operating principle,” Kline said. “To deliver that safety, you’ve got to have quality products and workmanship. That’s what we strive to do every day.”

Different kinds of rides

On motorcycles, different wheel configurations require varying methods of driving. Two-wheel, trike and Spyder bikes are all available for purchase or conversion at Flying Piston Motorcycles.

Rear-wheel trike: Similar to riding a tricycle, requires drivers to take turns more slowly

Spyder: an upright two-wheel front motorcycle with no lean for turns

Tilting Motor Works: an upright two-wheel to three-wheel motorcycle modification that allows riders to lean into turns

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